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It’s all systems go for the club’s annual Dafco MTB Challenge. It’s taking place on the 1st July – a week before the next KZN Lap Challenge Championship Series so it’s a perfect race to test your fitness!

The race is a lapped event which consists of:

  1. A junior event of 8km which will be 2x 4km laps, starting @ 7:30am.
  2. Intermediate event of 16km (4x 4km laps), starting @ 9:00am.
  3. The last race is 32km & is for the more advanced riders which consists of 4x 8km laps, starting @ 11:30am.

Will Brennan Anderson, winner of Cape Epic (Mixed Couple), winner of Cape Town Cycle Tour (Tandem), winner of 94.7 (Tandem), winner of Amashova (Tandem) still hold the title again this year or is Carl Calverley able to hold off the others and take the race away from Brennan? Maybe Hendrik Bester will out shine them both with his recent winnings over the last few months and show them how it is done? Or will Bryan Powell beat them all to the finish line this year? Will Cindy Theunissen beat Candice Parker-Dennison this year, or will her daughter, Biddy, come first?

The winnings are the same for men and women this year:

  1. The main race offering R750 for 1st place, R500 for 2nd and R300 for 3rd.
  2. The intermediate race has R450 for 1st place, R350 for 2nd & R200 for 3rd up for grabs.
  3. For the boys and girls, there are vouchers for the first 3 boys and the first 3 girls. The vouches are R300 for first, R200 for second and R100 for third.

Because the venue offers spectators numerous viewing sights along the course, ample parking and place for food stalls and refreshments, KZN MTB are considering asking the club to use our track to host their MTB Champs!!! That would be a huge feather in the club’s hat so please spread the word. YOU can make it an event not to be missed on the MTB calendar. For more info, visit the club’s website.

A big earnest Thanks to each and every one of you who helped with first clearing the track on Saturday and for then coming down to the Club’s Open Day which was primarily to get the track on the map for the club’s annual race – Dafco MTB Challenge that’s taking part on 1st July.

The club’s Chairman, Barry Walker, has literally done wonders in developing the 8km track – we are truly spoilt to have such a playground in our back garden!

The club’s MTB Captain, Tony Rahme, did a remarkable job in putting the successful Open Day together. It takes a lot of time & dedication to put an event like this together. Your commitment, Tony, is admirable. A promotional video was taken by Sapphire Coast Tourism which will get posted onto the club’s Facebook Page.

Events like these can’t happen without supportive sponsors and we thank Pickfords for always helping a hand whenever possible.

It was incredibly encouraging to see some Roadies ditch their road bike and mount their mountain bike, even if there were a few dismounts along the way!

It appears there are a few reprehensible people who are determined to cause havoc with the track though, so to prevent and hopefully catch certain people who are driving motor bikes on the track, damaging signs, vandalizing the track and taking what doesn’t belong to them, our industrious chairman, Barry Walker, took it upon himself to buy a remote camera that takes photos which get sent directly to his cell phone.

The camera will be moved around the track every day to catch people vandalizing the track. So, watch out – Big Brother is watching you!


The committee are keen to re-introduce club championship points. Points for entering races, points for finishing, different points for different distances, that type of concept and then at the year-end party, awards can be handed out.  This will be discussed, amongst other points, at the next AGM. Why not start to think what else you would like to be discussed at the next AGM. October will be here before you know it!




Shaun Heinze posted a very interesting article on the club’s Facebook Page this month, about 5 lessons for Roadies. Love from mountain bikers. Maybe they should also look into tubeless tyres? #justsaying!










A reminder: All road-rides leave from the Engen garage in Rockview Road, at 05h00 Tuesdays to Fridays and 5h30 on weekends. The weekend route is decided on the morning as it varies per the weather.

Weekday and weekend rides for any group are communicated via WhatsApp Group and Amanzimtoti Cycle Club Facebook.

Should you wish to be included in the WhatsApp group, please contact:

Group Speed Contact
Road Buddies Average 30+km/hr Jannie Els

062 022 1750

Social Ballies Average 24-26km/hr Colin Bedingfield

083 657 7416

Toti Roadies Official information for both roadies’ groups Colin Bedingfield

083 657 7416



The Sappi Karkloof Classic Trail Festival celebrated its 25th Edition in May and from the few Mambas that braved the chilly start, it was an absolute blast from start to finish.  Their full-time dedicated trail-building manager and team put together a world-class event. The 60km was super technical, slippery in places and very, very tough. The 40kms had less climbing (only 900m) and about 50% was single track, which made the event extremely enjoyable. Lots of places to test one’s ramping skills and the bridges were spectacular. Great switch-backs & berms too. The weather started out ominous but luckily, the rain that was predicted didn’t arrive which allowed for some super finishing times. The Mambas who rode are: Garret Keet who finished in a time of 2:43:07; Warren Egan 3:01:10; Gavin Grix 3:08:47 & Clinton Evangelides (who was helping riders with broken chains & had himself a puncture) 3:55:20.

Another magic morning with the Fattis & Monis at Renishaw. The original route was ridden and there was much huffing and puffing but everyone enjoyed the single track.

Hendrik Bester is killing the Vets in the KZN MTB Lap Challenge Series. He managed another victory by coming 1st in the Vets category and 8th overall.  A remarkable achievement Hendrik.

Possibly, he’s gearing up to win the Club’s annual Dafco MTB Challenge race which takes place on the 1st July. Brennan Anderson is the defending champion and is riding well, but it’s going to be neck-to-neck on the day.  Be sure to be there to watch all the excitement!

This month’s club ride at Rocky Bay was very special. In near perfect weather, Mambas ventured out onto the Sani2C route at Ricky’s Rail which, to those of you who have ridden this track, know how jarring those stones are. Nevertheless, the track was very clean with Sani2C just a week before.

The slower group went as far as the soccer fields, another group to the bottom of the climb to Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve and another group to the picnic spot at the top of the reserve and then back onto Rocky Bay.

According to one group, the Garmin duo of Carl Freyer and Ron Waldburger were on top form as they had their group finding tracks that were last ridden by the Voortrekkers!

Sometimes life is not fair as Tony Rahme discovered on this ride. A new rider by the name of Edward Anderson joined the group. Tony has been riding for just over three years now and Edward arrives, with this ride being only his second ride on a mountain bike. He rides in slippers and still manages to outride Tony and his fancy cleats.
What can one say, you’re a natural Edward. Well done! Another great morning ride and superb breakfast afterwards at the Sugar Post.

The news of Christo Pieterse’s passing brought much sadness to a lot of people. Hendrik Bester rode with him on his first Sani2C in 2009.

Our condolences reach out to all those who were close to him.

But, (sadly) life continues. 3 days and 264kms later…..that’s what Sani2C is all about!

Mambas had three teams taking part this year and reported the event was once again an amazing display of superb organisation, great camaraderie and amazing trails. The weather, unlike last year, was perfect. A little cold in Himeville but after that – perfect autumn weather. Not a drop of rain in sight and no mud. Trails were great and, apart from being dusty, were fast and exciting to ride. The Parker-Dennison team had an outstanding ride, by coming 45th overall & 4th in the team category. Well done Candice and Wesley, you both are truly inspirational!

Mamba riders who rode were:

Race Team Time
Race Wesley & Candice Parker-Dennison 11:27:52
Adventure Andrew Jones & Mike Lake 13:29:47
Adventure Shaun Heinze & Clinton Evangelides 18:03:07

Whilst the Sani2 was going on, other Mambas enjoyed a ride down memory lane as they rode the old River route. It must be going on for 2 years since it was last ridden and was a bit overgrown in some places but still rideable and very enjoyable.


On Sunday afternoon, 6th May, Mambas MTB Captain, Tony Rahme, introduced a Beginners group for people who are thinking of riding, but fear they are possibly too unfit, not technical enough or not sure if mountain biking is for them. They meet @ 3pm at the Illovo Business Park and so far, they have all taken to it like a duck to water.

They start off with a warm-up loop before introducing them to a small climb. Thereafter, they ride back into the sugar cane tracks and down a technical section which has been handled very well by all. A total of about 14km is covered.

Berg Wheelers joined Mambas for May’s outride which was at iNsingizi.  The track was at its usual best and in the coming months, more track is going to be added (read …more hills)!

A lot of wildlife was spotted which always makes the ride that much more special …. and amusing – Ziggy, the resident three-legged waterbuck, tried to head-butt everyone but allowed Rene Tupper to get a selfie with him.

The breakfast afterwards was superb and all in all a wonderful day.

Just a reminder for most of the Renishaw rides, one needs a Scottburgh board. Membership is just R75 a year.


Saturday start time: 7:00am, but all rides are posted on Amanzimtoti Cycle Club Facebook, or through the various WhatsApp groups.

Should you wish to be included in the WhatsApp group, please contact:

Group Description Contact
MtbBuddies for the racing snakes Tony Rahme

083 455 2452

Caryn Harvey

082 357 5287

Fatties & Monies caters for beginners, people who haven’t ridden in a while for whatever reason and shorter distances Tony Rahme

083 455 2452

Toti Mambas Ride & Events Official RIDE information for all Mambas’ groups


Tony Rahme

083 455 2452


Mambas’ weekend and club rides are posted on Amanzimtoti Cycling Facebook page, under Events.



Races that appear in this section mean the club’s gazebo will be at the end of the race with a cooler box full of cold refreshments. It shouldn’t be hard to find and members are encouraged to meet there after their race, to enjoy a cold one whilst sharing the morning’s ride.



The Club hosts a social evening on the 2nd Wednesday of every month @ Amanzimtoti Sports Club, 19h30. Snacks are included and Carl Fryer (082 462 1544) would love to hear from you if there is anything you feel would interest the members

Date:        13th June 2018

Venue:     Amanzimtoti Sports Club

Time:       7:30pm, snacks are provided

Time:       7pm, snacks are provided

Topic:      Qbit tracking device

Werner Strydom is presenting the Qbit unit which is great for Cyclists. Emergency numbers can be added to the device and there is a panic button which sends an SOS when activated. It also has a full live-tracking device which could be used as a tracking device for your bike. Please come and listen to what Werner has to say, one can never be too careful these days.



Every Friday is now sponsored, so no excuse not to join in.

1st Friday of every month @

Giant Toti

2nd Friday of every month @ Thirsty Whale 3rd Friday of every month @ The Rock Café Last Friday of every month @ Thirsty Whale

Please note: Only the FIRST cup of coffee is sponsored. Thereafter, all other cups are for your own account @ R10 a cup which operates on an honesty system. Also good to bring a bit of small change to tip the waiters.


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