Should you receive a suspicious email like below coming from any of the committee members, but mainly from Barry, please delete immediately. Do not open it. Barry is not having issues with his bank account – the club’s website has been hacked (again).

Good morning,

Please sorry to disturb you at this time, I need your urgent assistance, as I am having issues with my bank account making withdrawal nor transfer and I need to send an urgent transfer of R3,800 to someone who is on emergency, please can you help me send an eWallet, to the person’s cell number? I will refund you once my bank account is fixed.

Please email me back if you can help me out so i can forward cell number for transfer thanks.



!!A PLEA!!

Is there anyone willing to lead the Fattis & Monis group? If so, please make yourself known by contacting Tony on 083 455 2452.

Tony has been leading the group for 3 years now and feels he, together with other members, need to increase the distance and speed. It’s time to bring back the Slipstream group, which he will lead.

Should no-one volunteer, then Tony will draw up a roster, so the responsibility can be shared.